Moose Milk?

This week was a big one for Umbi and I. We had visitors. His maternal grandparents have always been a huge help to both of us, but they are the adopted parents of his mother. This week he got the opportunity to meet his mom’s birth mother. She lives in another state, where his mama and I used to live. So, its never been easy to visit despite staying in touch. This year her and her husband (a man I had never met) decided to take their vacation here in the Flathead Valley. We were pretty excited/apprehensive over the visit. I hadn’t seen her since before Umbi’s mum’s death 5 years ago. And, he has a difficult time when anything reminds him of his mum. Its something we are working on. Play therapy is a grand thing. MOOSE MILK!!!! 

The first day that they were in the Flathead, I met them at Moose’s Saloon for dinner. Great pies and sandwiches. Big heavy pitchers of beer. We Uber on over to the VFW and have some drinks. Beer for him, wine for her and rum for me. It was a good way to break the ice. MOOSE MILK!!!

The next day, Umbi and I met them at the Conrad Mansion. It was the home of one of the town’s founding fathers and was built in the 1890s. We went on a tour given by a fine, young lady in period dress. I particularly liked the portrait of Theodore Roosevelt in Mr. Conrad’s office, who was a family friend and stayed at the mansion while visiting the valley. Umbi was expecting a haunted house like at the carnival, but was too embarrassed to ask about ghosts. In October they do a tour that focuses on the hauntings of the mansion. One of my goals is to have the opportunity to do an investigation with my paranormal team, SCREAM. We followed up the tour with dinner at Umbi’s newfound grandmother’s vacation home. We played Uno, ate Umbi’s favorite meal (mac ‘n’ cheese and pumpkin pie) and received gifts. Umbi got fidget spinners, lightsabers and a bag of gooey gak. I recieved a bottlen of rum, Bacardí Gran Resva Ron Años. Good stuff. We walked through Woodland Park, before returning to the vacation home and sipping rum as Umbi and his grandma did battle with gold sparkle filled gooey gak that ended up on the carpet, their clothes and Umbi’s curly hair. Two days later we are still finding gold glitter everywhere. Glitter… Smh! 

Day three of their visit was to feature a visit to the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier Park. I had hoped that we would be able to show them the crown jewel of the continent, but at 7 AM when I woke up, the road was still closed. It usually opens in late June, but this year plowing the giant drifts of snow took longer than usual. As I smoked my Marlboro and drank my coffee on the porch I was jacked to discover that the park had just announced the opening of the road. We took a side trip to show our visitors the place on the side of the road where Umbi had been born. At the Apgar visitor center Umbi was surprised by a gift. A stuffed wolverine. It was prominently featured in all the pictures we took of Umbi throughout the trip, including when we stopped to watch a large buck with velvety antlers cross McDonald Creek. We stopped at the loop and took photos of Heaven’s Peak. Umbi and grandma were a bit scared of the small road that clings to the side of a cliff, as we climbed to the visitor center at Logan Pass, over 6600 feet in the sky. At least it was only about 2 hours to cover the 50 mile drive. At the pass there were amazing peaks surronding us and despite it being 73° in the valley today, there were still many feet of snow in most parts of the pass. Other park visitors were skiing. Umbi picked up a wolf pup puppet before our ride down. We celebrated our return to the valley with dinner at one of his favorite restaurants, Asian Buffet. Before leaving us, our visitors bestowed a bevy of gifts upon Umbi and his 3 year old brother, Wyatt, including Lego sets, superhero outfits, and some very awesome art supplies. We are excited to bust into all the art suplies is weekend as I picked up a copy of Ben Caldwell’s “Action Cartooning” to help improve our art talents. Moose Milk!!!

Umbi has watched an unhealthy number of episodes of “Race to the Edge”, the “How to Train Your Dragon” Netflix show as I did my morning routine, so I will wrap this up and maybe we will start some action cartooning.

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Thank you for reading! MOOSE MILK!!!! (Umbi kept yelling that for no reason. All week… Help…)

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