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Let’s get this out of the way, to begin with. I’m not an artist. But, I want to be. I AM a writer. I started by doing comic book reviews for Then, I moved on to writing a blog about professional wrestling. I managed to catch the eye of my favorite writer on the subject I covered in my blog, the National Wrestling Alliance. This fella, Jay Cal, invited me to cover NWA wrestling on his website,, and I jumped at the opportunity. That led to me meeting the owner and president of the NWA, R. Bruce Tharpe, who was kind enough to let me write for his organization’s official website,, which was a childhood dream come true. I was part of the organization that I watched on WTBS, The Superstation, as a kid. The same organization Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, the Road Warriors and many more of my childhood heroes rassled for. Whoooo!!! I then got the chance to co-write an independent comic, “The Black Books” with a fella named Emanuel Preta. We toured the northwest, promoting at comicons, prison towns and even Evel Knieval Days. It was super cool, but the partnership eventually dissolved. I believe Mr. Preta is still out there doing comics. Look him up. Talented fella. I went back to writing on the NWA website and doing a couple blogs, but deep inside my comic book experiment still was scratching away at my brain. So, I talked to the one guy on the planet that will listen intently to anything I have to say to get his advise. That guy is named Columbia Brown. His friends call him Umbi. He also happens to be my son. And he was 7 years old at the time. We put our heads together and decided to become business partners. We’d write a web comic together. And, I’d draw it. Like I said, I’m no artist. But, I want to be. Just like I wanted to be part of the NWA. So, I decided I’d become an artist. We set up a Facebook page and started posting comic news on it while we wrote and developed the web comic. I’m teaching my now 8 year old son how to promote our work, build websites, develop storylines, create merchandise related to the story and a bunch of other stuff. It’s a lot of work and took longer than I expected, but I think we are close to publishing our first web comic. I hope you follow along on our journey. Just go to @BrownBoyGangComics on Facebook to like and follow our page. We were originally going to call it Brown Label, but the two of us and his siblings referred to ourselves as the Brown Boy Gang and it stuck, becoming the name of our company. The Facebook page has comic related news and events posted as well as other independent comic artist and writers with their work and even how to articles and videos that teach how to be a comic book talent. Plus, it will be home to this blog and our Brown Boy Gang Comics first title, “Dark Scorpion & Dragon Boy”. It’s a father/son superhero team that was created by a 7 year old and tweaked by his dad to include some stories about what it’s like to be part of a family team that’s missing a major part. The mom. But, that’s another story for another time. Check us out on Facebook, like and follow the page, share it with your friends and keep coming back. We have a story that we want you to hear. One last thing. Go to and donate $5. It all goes to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and their programs to prevent suicide. It would mean a lot to both myself and to Umbi. Thank you and we hope to see you back here at Brown Boy Gang Comics.


#1 Feb 15, 2016

So, what does a comic book blog do, anyways? I was going to include comic book reviews, but I spent all my money on hookers and blow, so I couldn’t afford to purchase a comic this week. Plus, my career as a super villain has taken off at a trepid stumble, as my eyes still burn from getting pepper sprayed for shoplifting an “Archie & Jughead” comic. So, since plans A and B failed, it’s on to plan C. Let’s, Google ” what does a comic book blog do,” shall we?

The first three articles are a waste of time. The third one, though, “How to Write a Comic Book Blog”. “Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner, Emanuel! Tell the audience what they’ve won!” Nothing! The first sentence on the Google description of this article explains what a URL is. I hope our audience is brighter than that. Screw this article! What else do you have, Google? JACKPOT! Click on There is a TON of information in this article covering everything from useful guides to fonts and text to hosting and management tools to finding inspiration to online resources to design tips and tools to distribution and promotion to sweet internet loving in an intimate setting, this article is what you are looking for if you are starting your own web comic. Check it out, now!

Next, I started wondering what are the creme de la creme, the webcomics that big time critics go nuts for? What’s the gold standard? Who is our competition out there? For the answer, click here: There you go! 42 of the finest webcomics that true connoisseurs of the genre freak out over! This is who you will be going up against in a battle to the death in web comic creation.

And finally, I ain’t doing this for your little rebellion, I expect to be well paid!  That’s right! Turns out there is GOLD in them thar webcomic hills. And in the spirit of the old-school 69ers, I want to get mine! There is a money load here, so we just need to face it! Some time soon, literally dozens and dozens of dollars will be mine! To find out how I’m going to make money with a webcomic, read this:

Well, that looks like all I’ve got for you this time. Now, let’s pay the bills. But, first, please, help us prevent suicide. Join us at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention by clicking here: Thank you.

Next, join me at my other blog, “Western Wrestling Stampede” at where I review the best indie wrestling in the western U.S. and Canada!

And finally, check me out at for all the latest news from the National Wrestling Alliance!

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